Dangers of Working With Toluene 

January 26, 2019

Workers in many industries may experience toluene exposure without awareness of the harm it can cause. Because toluene exposure may cause birth defects, pregnant women should never work around the chemical.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends substituting a safer chemical for toluene, but that is not possible in every industry. While toluene is primarily used for industrial purposes,  » Read More

Can You Choose Your Own Doctor to Treat a Work Injury?

December 18, 2018

Most injured workers want to get the best treatment possible, recover, and move on with their lives. However, for those who have spent years with one doctor, the thought of depending on a stranger for care after a devastating work injury may seem overwhelming.

The good news is, Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation law does make allowances for injured workers to receive treatment from the doctor of their choice,  » Read More

Trust Your Instincts

November 15, 2018

By: Paul B. Himmel, Esq.

I am a strong believer in trusting your instincts. Human instinct is natural, real and often an accurate indicator of the appropriate course of action to follow. “Be true to yourself”, “If something does not feel right, it is probably not right” and “Go with your gut” are words of wisdom I have stated numerous times to my two daughters to instill the notion that they should trust their instincts.  » Read More

Conveyor Belt Accidents

October 20, 2018

Conveyor belts are essential tools in many jobs, including manufacturing, dock work, factory assembly lines, mining, airlines, and distribution. However, serious accidents are not uncommon for those who work around them. Conveyor belts have many moving parts, and it is not uncommon for employers to cut corners when it comes to safety and maintenance. Employers may fail to provide their workers with appropriate safety gear or may fail to comply with other Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.  » Read More

Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Medical Marijuana

September 24, 2018

Workers injured on the job can suffer devastating life changing injuries. To manage the pain, an increasing number of workers are seeking medical marijuana treatment. In many cases, medical marijuana or cannabis can be a useful alternative to more expensive or dangerous treatment options such as prescription opioids.

Obtaining medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is not as easy as simply going to a Primary Care Physician and receiving a prescription.  » Read More